Improve your spoken English skills

Certified Teachers will lead half-day classes in Conversational English in a relaxed setting at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, one of Manitoba’s leading accredited English Language Institutes. Participants will learn basic communication skills in speaking and listening comprehension, featuring Winnipeg and Manitoba cultures.

Manitoba Discovery English Language Classes
Half-day Conversational English Language Classes

Do you get anxious thinking about having a conversation in English or making a mistake when you speak?

In the Manitoba Discovery Program, Certified Teachers will help you!  They will lead half-day classes in Conversational English in a relaxed and friendly setting where you will learn basic skills in speaking, listening and understanding.  You will be encouraged to ask questions to assist your understanding of what is being taught.  You will learn basic English skills from your teacher, and by being part of fun group work in the classroom.

The class instruction will help you learn useful basic English phrases and words.  The teacher will also cover interesting topics about Manitoba and Canadian Cultures.

Participants will have many opportunities to practice spoken English, both in class, and outside the classroom during daily tours and activities.

The Manitoba Discovery Program Fee includes Deluxe Accommodations.